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the life of the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m.. we have kron 4 crews all over the bay area covering stories important to you. here are today's top six local stories in three minutes. >> and get support for this is straight day in a row investigators have been going through the trash here at the keller canyon landfill looking for signs of the missing 35 year-old hercules man investigators believe frederick's sales may be the fifth victim of murder suspect efren valdemoro they're going through 3,000 t of trash here at the landfill sent here from a business park and hercules. this is their biggest lead in the case and so far they found no major close. they could be out here until thursday. >> here at the oakland superior courthouse andrew the man
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accused of shooting the fremont police officer made his first part court room appearance. over 70 fremont police officers can of the courthouse to show the support officer todd young who police chief said is still recovering from his injuries. >> to be better written for month according to the doctors. >> as for andrew his arraignment was caught over to next week a judge ordered no bail in this case. in oakland kron 4 news. >> in novato two weeks after the first day of school dozens of kids are being told that they have to leave the school but they have been attending and be moved to other schools. the school districts said many of those schools are over unrolled and they must move about 40 students to different schools. reporting in a bottle kate thompson kron 4 news. in san francisco riding bart trains makes for an easy commute but it could be hard and you're hearing. this level mintier is measuring the some of us on a barge and headed across the bay
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it's averaging about 95 to 100 decibels which is callable were prolonged exposure could cause hearing damage. regular riders could be concerned over these levels. that to this lot is part of the transit system because the narrow concrete tunnel reflects all this on the train creates back towards the riders in the car. if you're still concern you could always get your plugs. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> here in san jose new controversy surrounding the pg&e smart leaders like this one. from a cut one of san jose's growing residents who complained to the utility that this more meters which transmit information back to the utility or interfere with electronic devices such as baby monitors. pg&e said it's looking into the complaints but insists this more meters are not to blame. in san jose kron 4 news. >> in another big story, a major what linda's been restored in the south that the end of the dumbarton bridge the joined a 37 a. site the drive for decades
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used as a source of salt harvesting into the federal government bought for $100 million. after five years the project is finished including those islands you see of their design for testing. this picture shows how dread things were when the work began and how it looks now. come october this area will be filled with shore birds for the first time in many years. >> working on a developing story for you the oil spill that left a 2 mi. long sheen on the petaluma river yesterday is still under investigation. the state fishing company is looking at companies dismantling old tugboat the tron figure out if it was thought to carry crews are still on the scene of this bill kron 4 moreen tally shows you what's been done. >> >> what you're looking at is part of the metal on this old have been stiffed away by this giant piece of heavy equipment. the soil cleanup crew is doing this so they can get in and washed away more of the old oil that is left on his boat. these
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workers have been using steam to loosen up the drive on all oil and these hoses you see here, are basically a giant vacuum. sucking up oil and water into this big tanker trucks are to be hauled away. the trying to get this tug cleaned of as much oil as possible by high tide some more oil doesn't wash off the boat and into the water water right over here if you can see one of the many wounds that have been put out to hold the oil back. these weapons you see floating in the water our big squares of absorbent material meant to set up oil has already made it into the water when i assume then you could see some of the squares are black with the oil. the state department of fish and game said so far no wildlife has been affected but they have several more of these preventative booms like this one here at numerous locations up and down the river. they have shut down about 2 mi. of this river for fishing and pushed for the time being just to be safe. tomorrow the begin the operation to hold his old tugboat marin
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kelly kron 4 news. >> let's show you where this is on google earth the source of this bill was right here at lake of bill street and hopper. let's take this will give a better idea for talking about. yesterday the department of fish and game said he can see light oil sheen for 2 mi. down the petaluma river to were highway 1 01 crosses the river right here. fishing game said she is now gone-but you're still going to see boom in this area just as a precaution. >> a live look good side in san jose look to the camera bouncing around here it's pretty windy out there and also much, much cooler this afternoon our current conditions, temperatures in the '60s and '70s. yesterday we role as in the 90s across the bay area such as 60 in san francisco, 62 redwood city saving in hayward during the spots all in the '70s santa rosa 82 degrees are warm this location this afternoon. still
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even santa rosa well below the wall beside yesterday's 11 degrees to cooler as a matter of fact. down 25 degrees and apple. 22 degrees in redwood city down 27 and a word. it's much cooler and when you factor in the wind it feels even cooler than that. our current wind speeds a lot in the team's starting to come down in redwood city and hayward piercing gusts of up to 30 mi. an hour in just a couple hours ago. tonight into tomorrow, fog close to the coastline receiving a bike tour morning that fog will be widespread. temperatures will be even cooler as we head into tomorrow and the winds will continue so the 3:00 our temperatures only in the lower '70's and are warmus inland spots. will take a look about temperatures and your extended forecast coming up in just a >> bit> tropical storm for mean it soaking the lodestars state tonight dozens of pilots are closed by flooding in san jose
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and dallas is expected to get a month worth of rain in just a couple of days. >> her mien and made landfall late last night to these pictures from padre island is an idea of the intensity of the downpour. today her mien is making its way through central texas curbing northeast. by thursday afternoon it will be in oklahoma. much of east texas is under a tornado watch. but this picture shows one of the fun of clouds forming. flash flood warnings a row for central texas. >> screen nasty, it's pretty messy. >> this shows one of the close freeways in san antonio. the national weather service said the orange area at the center of this amount will get more than 5 in. of rain in some places in the rio grande valley have reported more than as many as 30,000 homes are without power. >> for mean is disrupting appeared travels well continental canceled their flights out of san antonio and
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houston. united and american airlines also reporting delays. >> just into the kron 4 news room u.s. attorney general eric holder is weighing on the plane by gainesville the florida panther to burn copies of the klan. the religious leader said he is called the september 11th event idiotic. the group met with him to discuss recent attacks on mosques around the united states. general david patras' has gone on record saying burning near grand could endanger u.s. troops. live in the news room kron 4 news. we'll be right back.
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protect your loved ones. world news day 34 for the minors now trapped in chile and video updates like this one being shared with family members to let people know that they're doing ok. some relatives though are upset sing some the letters are not being delivered. it's
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been suggested some of girls are being held back so as not to upset the minors nasa experts at ensuring advice on how to cope down there they say it's not unlike the confined space that astronauts have to share for extended periods. in new zealand people still traumatized by the 7.1 earthquake which hit christchurch over the weekend damaged buildings are being torn down it's an area that has been hit with dozens of aftershocks some pretty big. the city center remains quartered off with only building and work crews being allowed into the area to begin cleaning up. these are pictures of the volcano in indonesia it's erupting again carried erupted this morning testing villages about 15 mi. away. summer of villages are reporting scene make love for the first time thousands of people been taken to emergency centers the volcano has been dormant perforce centuries. some spots flooding a
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tricky bridge crossing for this bus driver if there only to a set of town this one in a second bridge that had been completely washed away as perilous as this looks the bus did make it across just fine. >> are extended forecast and the cooler weather continues in tomorrow as temperatures dropped another five to 10 degrees over the cooling the scene today carried a gradual warming into the weekend will talk about the cool weather coming up after the break.
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look at our current conditions much cooler in the '60s and '70s for the most part. only one spot in the '80s rate now that san rosette at 82, 57 along the coast but otherwise temperatures are way down over what we saw yesterday. as much as 25 to 27 degrees in hayward, 25 cooler
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now the inland spots ranging from 14 to 24 degrees cooler. a very big cool down over what we saw yesterday in cooler weather will continue. let's took a look better latest satellite pictures of box billing in along the north bay coast not quite there yet to put all the way down the sand until coast. this will fill in tonight into tomorrow morning even drizzle expected closer the coast, bob tracker to more morning at 6:00 a.m. widespread fog south of the golden gate but notice up to the north a few breaks in the fog. it will clear out this way and the leader morning hours so not clear in back the way it normally does. it will start to get mixed down you can see the break here near the golden gate and down the peninsula. later on in the morning clearing out even for the by noon just fog along the coastline here in san mateo close but that will clear out tomorrow afternoon. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast even cooler into tomorrow by another five to 10 degrees the winds will jump back
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up tomorrow at kantor's so close to the coast line as we head into the rest of the week things will start to warm up gradually. still look to our temperatures in the weekend to our inland spots in the low 80's the low seventies along the bay and five degrees below average for this time of year. >> developing news to tell you about in regards to the house fires raging across the city of detroit michigan. take a look at this this is one of the houses as you can see also transpire according to the detroit free press more than a dozen fires are burning including a three alarm blaze in the area of van dyke and seven mile road with a b-17 structures involved. most of those structures are abandoned according to the people who live there. there's another blaze on the detroit handcraft border also involved up towards of a dozen structures including homes in grosz's. many of homes have already been destroyed and fire crews are trying to keep nearby homes from going up in flames. take a look
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at smoke right there it is so thick you can barely see the flames from the houses that have gone up just below that. fire officials are investigating whether the same person has been moving about the city of detroit setting all of these fires. more as it becomes available live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> were also finding people on twitter trading at the storm on the detroit fire refunding many people are praying for an end to the wire. a lot of people are hoping the crew stay safe out there. twitter also reporting that the winds are not helping the efforts. one person the winter dry weather conditions are not helping the fire department price for an end to that end of the wicked winds. there just aren't enough crews to put out the multiple places in the area. one twitter user wrote having more structure fires and of available apparatus is pretty scared. i will search for pictures and video of the fire on line will bring them to use for this evening's newscast.
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>> now your stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >>if your board and need some excitement in your life, might i suggest san francisco's fisherman's wharf. better yet, why not join me for a brief instructional to wear tour. first off, let's find parking. here we go, but wait no left turns into garage. some drivers ignore the no left turn sign. then see this $7 per hour parking sign and change their mind. if you choose to use street parking be aware that parking control now uses high- tech ways to catch violators this p.d.a tells them who is in violation, and they just go straight to the car and a ticket is issued. if a parking officer tells you to move you might want move. this driver is getting a ticket on the fly, this means since he drove away to avoid the ticket, he will get a non contestable ticket in the
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mail. also if you're going to visit the wharf remember to bring real cash. believe it or not they get a lot of funny money here. this is a fake $100 bill presented as payment at ripley's believe it or not. the man that tried to use it told me he got it from a washington mutual bank in hayward. except washington mutual has been closed for about a year now. the bill was confiscated and will be turned over to the u.s. secret service for further evaluation. if you're going to be a street performer like clown, or a silverman, stick to a theme. this man with the dog is asking for $5 so you can bring his dog back to life. but nobody was biting, no pun intended. when that was not working he switched to a, patting his dog was therapeutic theme. >> ok remember stay in school and i will tell you why- >> in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> a little more crowded than it
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was 20 minutes ago but i smoke ride into the city. we'll be right back. e@
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it is the last day for citizens to dodge a new travel feed to the u.s. during the kimberly is here to tell us about the new charge. >> starting tomorrow travelers from 36 different countries including the u.k., australia japan and many others that don't have a u.s. visa they will have to pay $14 to enter the country for the dollars are the fee will cover operating cost but $10 will go towards promoting united states as a tourist destination many critics say charge interest to promote tourism just as a make sense. it's like inviting a friend over for dinner and then charging the mafia the door. to read all about the new feed visit our whats on the web section on >> time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >>+fwe are all in a hurry theseñ
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days,no time for anything. i think a lot of us without even thinking just leave our wall chargers plugged into our electrical outlets and then before we go to bed or at night you will plug in your cell phone or gadget but these are left here all day. i know i do it, but just in cause you don't know it is bad for energy consumption. the charger is sitting there all day without a device plugged into it, it is still drawing power. now that wasted power probably only adds up to be a few cents on your monthly pg&e bill, not a big deal. but if you think about all of the cell phones in the world, that little bit of energy wasting during the day while these sit here that really adds up. at&t crunch some numbers and check this out they say when you add up all of the energy wasted by people leaving in their wall chargers plugged in while they are not in use is a lot of power. enough energy to power 24,000 homes for a day or with the wasted energy could brew 3 million cups of coffee. so, at&t decided to do something about it, they have come up with the zero charger is on the market now the zero charger is
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simple but brilliant. when you unplug your device from the zero charger it stops drawing power from your outlet. it completely cuts off its power draw. so you can save energy, save money, save the environment, leave this charger in all day while gone and feel no guilt.the zero charger is the same price as a regular cell phone charger around $20. it works with at&t phones, i phones, ipod, digital cameras, smart phones, a lot of digital devices. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> the bay bridge toll plaza looks like a holiday tuesday night. smooth ride coming into the city no problems in your commute direction heading eastbound on 80 british kron 4 news at 5 coming up this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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